Define Your Holiday Style

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Shop Fashion Stylist: What’s your style this season? 

 Define Your Holiday Style

During the holidays we let our true style shine. Whether we are the Holiday Homebody, On the Go Glamour, Classic Cozy or the Belle of the Ball, we all have a go-to holiday style. By defining your holiday style we avoid any potential panic. As the Grinch says, “But what will I wear??” can lead to major outfit regrets. Here’s a breakdown of the four most popular fashion categories this holiday season. Which one do you find yourself fitting into? One, two or maybe all four at different times! Use these Shop Fashion Stylist holiday style guidelines to better define, develope and achieve your perfect looks this season! 

Holiday Homebody:

“There’s no place like home for the holidays” and we couldn’t agree more! Picture this: your softest cardigan, fire going, hot cocoa in hand surrounded by cozy Christmas decor. The Holidays can truly be the best time to enjoy being a “homebody” with those you love most. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your holiday style! Feel perfectly put-together while enjoying downtime at home with your hunny, sweet little ones, furry friends or your roomies! Here are a few simple pieces to help you do just that. 

On the Go: 

Because the holiday hustle is real. If you take your gifting, gatherings and traveling seriously... these are the looks for you! The key is keeping it festive yet functional. No need for any “bah humbug” just because you’re busy. Soft Sherpa outerwear, warm accessories and of course a coffee to go! Outsmart the season’s busy schedule and do it in comfort and style. 


Is there anything more darling than a classic Christmas? This look is for the small get-together hostess, specialty gift giver, and those who enjoy taking the time to write holiday cards to all of their loved ones. Although you'd rather spend your season more casual, you also take time for traditions! Keep the spirit as you brunch with your best friends, make homemade cookies and set aside time to be mindful of your loved ones this season. This means rich evergreen colors, red lipstick, sparkling accessories and the little mementos that say, “I love you” (in gold foil of course!) 


Belle of the Ball:

Calling all who are looking to make their Hallmark movie dreams come true. Elegant dresses with a gorgeous fit make your Christmas and New Years Eve events so very Merry! Be the Belle of the ball for all of your formal events, black tie weddings and NYE celebrations. Three tips to picking your look: 1) Who, What, When, Where. The first step to deciding on any look, especially formal is the event itself! Deciphering the perfect look should always compliment who is throwing the event, what the event is for, when (time of day) and where it is located! 2) Establish color. The three holiday go-to's are classic LBD, shimmer and sparkle detail or go BOLD in a romantic red. 3) Sillohette steals the show. Go short and full for a fun and flirty look or long and flowing for a timeless elegance that will give you a royal, regal look. Fa la la fabulous never looked so good! 

Wishing you a very merry Holiday Season! 

SFS Team 


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