"I Got It From My Momma" by Jessica H.

Style Report v.10
“I Got It From My Momma”


We got it from our Mommas (and Grand-Mommas), wouldn’t you agree? By “it” I mean our fashion influence. As a woman raised in the South, I was heavily influenced by both my Mother and Grandmother’s styles from decades before my time. Whether it was my Grandmother’s 50s dresses (made by my Great-Grandmother), 60s crochet lace and opalescent accessories or the folk print and flare of my mother’s childhood in the 70s and the cut-off white wash denim of her teenage years, I see my most beloved fashion styles trace back to these photos. We all know fashion is a force that makes the best of come backs. Whether it is tea length skirts and polka dots or chokers and white washed jeans, we know who rocked them first! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and feature some of our favorites from the most influential decades.  


Polka dots, ruffles and dresses, oh my: 

We all know the stereotypical 50s fashion has our hearts. Whether it’s Gease, drive-in movies, an old soda shop or the sound of “Shoo Bop” we have a picturesque idea of 50s fashion come to mind. A time of simpler living, every girl wanted to be America’s Sweetheart and Mayberry was a real place. We have a LOT to thank our Momma’s (and Grandmomma’s) for! Not only the inspo for the fabulous “Monroe” Dress, but a few other trends this season from hair accessories to handbags. Peep at these perfect accessories that will give your style a so very chic vintage vibe as we make our way through Spring into Summer. 





Cue the Dylan & Denver: 

The 1970s and flare are the most dynamic fashion duo from any decade. This style paired with tassels, embroidery and “folky florals” are saturated in our current trends. This decade inspired the easy breezy looks we all can’t go without during the warmer weather season. Our cool palazzos, cropped tops, silky floral kimonos, flowing skirts and baby doll embroidered dresses are just a few of our favorites from the flower-child decade. 


Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger or Posh?

Oh, the 1990s. Need I say more? A decade of denim (everything), flannels, black leggings, low rise platform chunky shoe and either the teeny tiny-t or the men’s XXL, both for the same girl (i.e. the females of FRIENDS). It was grunge and cargo mixed with dainty crops with elastic details, slip dresses and flare hip huggers paired with your favorite scrunchie or choker... and yes, some of these (just some) have made their way into our trends 20 years later. Our favorite 90s fashion comebacks?? Check them out below. You love it, you hate it, it’s the 90s baby





Thank you, Mommas & Grand-Mommas for not only your fashion do’s (and don'ts), but for all the incredible things you do for us. 


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