“Welcome to the Jungle”

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Style Report v.12
“Welcome to the Jungle” 
The top trend in interior, accessories and apparel? We all know the answer to this question, TROPICAL. The progression of our tropical obsession has started with pineapples and quickly jumped to oversized flamingo floats, palm print wall paper and my newest favorite addition, bright bananas used in prints and accessories. 
This tropical takeover leaves us wondering how to transition this trend into our our style- luckily, there are many ways to implement this trend into our established wardrobes and styles other than the obvious fruit prints and flamingo pink.
Colors & Details 
Ever heard it’s all in the details? Well, we couldn’t agree more. Play with the tropical trend by mixing fresh colors with darling details to keep your style on trend while staying true to your look. 
1. Tassel + Pom Pom Trims 
2.  Monochromatic cool blues, fresh deep greens, pops of pale pink, rich burgundies and golden earth tones. 
3. Ties + Knots 
Prints, Patterns  & Textures 
Patterns are the most reliable indicator in trend tracking. With this being said, adding fresh patterns, prints or new textures are the quickest and most effective way to update any wardrobe with both small additions and full look overhauls. 
1. Fruits + Tropical  Florals 
2. The Palm  
3. Silky Sheen 
If I could some it up in one word it would be playful. Have fun! This tropical trend has one major impression and that is carefree. Inspired by our desire to travel, explore and to embrace our natural environment and its beauty.
1. Bamboo Handbag  
2. Bold Earrings 
3. Wicker Beach Tote 
A little goes a long way with these seasonal trends. So versitale and so fabulous. Shake it up this season with varying patterns, prints, detail trims & rich colors. Now you can “tropic like it’s hot” in style!


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