Stylists & Influencers

Shop Fashion Stylist facilitates a collaborative community providing Stylists and Influencers with the opportunities to expand their entrepreneurial endeavors while achieving personal and professional goals.  

Why do Influencers and Stylists join Shop Fashion Stylist? 

  • We offer one of the highest commission rates in the industry - guaranteed 15% - be paid what you're worth.
  • Weekly Commission Payout on all referral purchases - no waiting months to be paid. 

  • First access to New Arrivals, Sales & Promotions.

  • A personal Dashboard where you can track your social media traffic, sales commission and referral stats.

  • A dedicated team behind you to handle all client services and shipping logistics.
  • We love supporting our Influencers with giveaway content and complimentary styles by request and of mutual benefit.  
  • An inclusive community of influencers and stylists that support one another.
  • The opportunity to express your own personal style - no cookie cutter, copy and paste promotion.
  • An exclusive Stylist/Influencer Code that provides your Referrals with a 10% Discount and Free Shipping in the USA. *International shipping rates apply to international purchases.
  • Being part of a community that gives back with every purchase made through our “Wear One, Give One” initiative. 

Why is there a $25 recurring Style Credit investment to join our Community?

Monthly Style Credits are applied directly to your purchases so your investment yields an immediate return right back to your Stylist wardrobe or Influencer content creation. Shop Fashion Stylist invests in you and the recurring monthly $25 Style Credit is an investment in yourself as an ongoing credit with Shop Fashion Stylist.

Each month you have exclusive access to a Collection just for Stylists and Influencers where all styles are priced at cost with free shipping

The Style Credit is not a "fee to participate" - it is directly applied to your Stylist/Influencer purchases.

As successful Stylists and Influencers know, you can’t promote a brand without experiencing it yourself.


Additionally, as a member of our Community, you receive at no cost:

- Onboarding

- 24/7 Support via email, phone, online chat and text

- A Shop Fashion Stylist App via the App Store or Google Play

- Professional Fashion Forecasting + Buying

- Inventory Management

- Client Tracking

- Access to your custom Affiliate Dashboard

- Rich content creation opportunities

- Additional collaboration and promotional giveaways for your clients/followers

As a collaborative community, Shop Fashion Stylist invests in you, and your investment and commitment are key to your success.

The Shop Fashion Stylist Community has a limited number of openings each month for new Stylists and Influencers.   

If you're ready to join the Shop Fashion Stylist Team and secure your place as an Influencer or Stylist, Register today.

If you’re excited to join but have a few more questions, you’re welcome to Contact Us or use our Live Chat.